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Metallic Epoxy Floors Kansas City

Our team does a recommendable job when it comes to showcasing the variety of floors you can choose from. One such idea is the metallic epoxy floor. A look at a metallic epoxy floor and you will admire its elegant and unique look. Such floors are designed to be attractive and can be a great choice to go for especially if you want to complement the look of your home.
You might be wondering whether a metallic epoxy flooring will suit for a room in your home; the following reasons show why they are an excellent fit.
We have the experience to fully customize the metallic epoxy according to your desires. This is great if you want your residential building looking unique and also attractive. You can have them in lobbies, galleries and even conference halls.
With us, you get to see a variety of metallic epoxy floors that you can choose from. Such varieties enable you spot one that will be an excellent choice for you. You might also mix different designs for different rooms of your home.

KC Coating guarantee a top level performance when you use metallic epoxy floors for residential Garage or Basements as well as commercial settings. This can be noticed in their durable nature and the fact that they are easy to clean. You will also notice that they are quite easy to maintain as they are not subject to frequent wear and tear.

Putting in place a metallic epoxy flooring is also quite easy and it can be completed in less than two hours. That is if you work with our team of experts. This is good especially if you want to use the room soon. A well trained and qualified floor contractor can get this done quite easily using the best equipment for the business. A good flooring contractor service provide in Kansas City will get this job done in a quality manner.

Epoxy Floors that Stand Out

We offer this service at an affordable cost as compared with what you are charged by other service providers. You can decide to go for this option and not for tiles as the cost difference is not that significant when you consider maintenance costs. This make it a great option especially if you want quality for a tight budget. A great work done using metallic epoxy flooring can last up to about three years. Some may even get to this mark without needing replacing or any type of flooring maintenance.

We sincerely think metallic flooring is the best option if you want to use them for floors that experience heavy traffic. Their strong nature makes them capable of sustaining this pressure and thus making them a good option to use. You would not want to replace your floor of tiles every now and then due to being worn out. 

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be used for commercial purpose buildings and not only for residential buildings. For instance, they can be used for cafeteria and restaurant floors, showrooms, salons and even rooms meant for recreational purposes.

When compared with other varieties of epoxy floorings, this one is a simple yellowing epoxy that has a metallic pigment that is mixed within its structure. Such a floor is designed by mixing tiny pigments with an epoxy resin and then emptied to the floor.

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