Commercial Epoxy flooring

Epoxy Floor Coating Overland Park

KC Coating has a vast experience when it comes to epoxy flooring for commercial buildings. This is a great idea for commercial buildings due to its ability to withstand heavy loads. It is also long lasting which makes it a great option to go for if you do not want to deal with replacing the floor often- this is quite expensive. An epoxy floor coating also has the ability to attract customers due to its attractive nature.

KC Coating assure that your employees will benefit from a well-placed epoxy flooring as it is easily maintained in terms of cleanliness. You also get a safe floor that helps them when operating commercial equipment as well as going through their inventory. This can only be achieved if you had a qualified and experienced flooring contractor place the epoxy floor.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced flooring contractor in Kansas City, then you will surely find one with us. This is because we have numerous years of experience in the field and our team is trained to put in place durable and attractive epoxy floors. They are also equipped with the best equipment to get the job done.

Commercial Epoxy flooring Kansas City

If you have a warehouse, then you should not go for any other type of flooring. You can go for metallic floors or even an epoxy garage floor that will be able to give you a wonderful experience. This is because of their ability to sustain heavy loads and will rarely need maintenance as they are designed to be long lasting.

KC Coating offers safety consultations that will help avoid accidents in your building floors. If you do not like chips and cracks on your floors, as they can cause accidents, then you can go for an epoxy flooring that can also be combined with paints and colors that will cover such marks.

Our vast experience gives us the capability to construct quality floors for manufacturing plants. This type of flooring is recommended as it is designed to be resistant against chemicals. It also encourages good hygiene as it can be easily cleaned as indicated above. Cleaners do not have to deal with oil stains as it is deigned to be resistant against them.

High Traffic Commercial Epoxy Flooring

You are assured that accidents will be reduced in commercial buildings as the epoxy floors have anti-slip additives. This is important for safety measures as other floors can turn out to cause most of the accidents as they are slippery when oil spills on them.

Your existing concrete floors will also not be affected as the epoxy floors helps avoid them from undergoing wear and tear that is quite common. wear and tear lowers the integrity of floor and also makes them look rather unappealing. When you would wish to place self-leveling products on old concrete, the epoxy floors are no issue as they are designed to be compatible and hence the contractors will have an easy time getting that done.

Quality epoxy floors, as discussed above, offer top performance and might just be what you need. Your commercial buildings will be left looking stunning and you will not have to pay a lot to have the floor installed neither for its maintenance. It is also a great compliment for your walls and other interior parts of the commercial building.

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